Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a custom rod?

Custom rods offer a higher degree of quality and craftsmanship than off-the-shelf rods. They allow you to select different components, thread color, grip types, and rod actions based on either specific requirements or suggestions based on type, style, and location of fishing to be done. Each rod is unique to the owner. Although the cost may be higher, the benefits and performance are unmatched.

Why is buying a custom rod is a great investment?

These Cast Yer Bait rods are designed to last a lifetime with proper use and care. They all carry a lifetime warranty on the blanks against a defect in material. If the rod breaks due to a defect in craftsmanship, Cast Yer Bait will reinstall the guides and complete the finish on the new blank for $25. All guide wraps and assembly procedures are also warrantied by Cast Yer Bait for 1 year.

What are the benefits of a custom rod?

Select a blank based on personal preference, fish species, and lure types. With a custom rod, you can get the highest quality components (guides, handles, blanks) in any configuration possible, making it perform at unmatched levels. The blanks are lighter and more sensitive while being more powerful than off-the-shelf rods. A Cast Yer Bait custom rod has each guide in exactly the proper location to optimize casting distance, sensitivity, and power of the rod blank. You don’t find that on off-the-shelf rods.

Why did you switch to custom rods?

I switched to custom rods because I had the freedom to put the exact components on the rod that I wanted. If I wanted a different style handle than was typically offered, or better quality guides, or a custom color, then I could build what I wanted. With a custom rod, you get a rod that is far better than an off-the-shelf rod in both performance and looks.

– Brad

Are custom rods only for “professional” fishermen?

Custom rods aren’t just for professional fisherman. The performance of these rods will help any fisherman, in any situation. The average fisherman should gain confidence knowing they’re using a rod that is acceptable in the hands of a professional. If custom rods are good enough for someone that makes a living using them, they should be good enough for anyone.

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